Sunday School for All Ages

Our Sunday School program, which is offered at 11:00 on Sundays right after the main service, has a place for everybody. Our classes are small, warm, and friendly. Everyone is treated like family.

We have a nursery that is open from 9:30 to noon every Sunday.

Children's Sunday School

Our Youth Classes are divided up by age. There is a Kindergarten class, a class for First and Second graders, and a class for children in grades 3 through 6. We are grateful to have such fun, caring and nurturing teachers who are introducing Christian ideas and principles to these formative minds through Bible stories, songs and crafts.

Adult Sunday School

In addition to our youth classes, we have three Adult Classes as well. Our adult classes are open to everybody. You are free to attend any of the classes you wish each week. While in the past, our three different adult classes were differentiated by age, this is no longer the case. Each of our classes has members of all ages. Instead, it is the style and atmosphere of each class that makes it distinct.


Our Friendship class helps us apply our faith and values to modern day living. We use an informal, group discussion format, and all are welcome to join in. Topics in here are torn from the headlines and the world's current events are discussed with a religious and biblical approach for spiritual growth.

Adult Fellowship

The Adult Fellowship Class could be called the 'eclectics.' Every few months we change our format in how we discuss, learn and grow closer to our Savior. Class members volunteer in leading the group in discussions. We may have a Bible Study for a few months, that might include a workbook and DVD and then study a book by a prolific Christian writer, such as C.S. Lewis, for a few more. Come join us and let's take the journey together.

Willing Workers

Our Willing Workers is the traditional bible study class that you remember. Our class studies a specific bible lesson each week, with scripture and commentary.

Faith Seekers

Our Faith Seekers class is a very mission-based Sunday School class. Our lessons vary from Bible Studies that last several weeks, to book club style discussions, to current events and various articles and series from many sources. Our goal is to grow in faith and service to the Lord. "For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is also dead" - James 2:26