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Our church has a unicameral system with 18 Elders elected for three rotating years. Each elder is elected by the congregation and ordained for their invaluable role in a special ceremony before the congregation. There are eight standing committees: Maintenance, Finance, Witness, Worship, Personnel, Audit, Christian Education, and Mission.

The Session meets once a month with occasional called meetings. A Congregational Meeting is held annually to approve the budget and elect new Elders. Three Trustees are elected for three-year terms. The Sunday school program is headed by a Superintendent with an assistant and a Secretary-Treasurer. The Women of the Church and the three Circles are a vital and integral part of the church’s operation and progress.

The Session

The 18 Elders of Olivet Presbyterian Church each serve three-year active terms, with 6 being elected every year, although they remain ordained elders for life. In addition to serving together on Session as our "Board of Directors," each is given a specific role, either serving as a liaison to a particular Ministry Team, or in specific tasks.

Class of 2017

Christel Nicklas

John Charbeneau

Don Reid

D. Reid

David Walton

Class of 2018

David Balsley

Charles Clemmer

Jean Ann Clemmer

Rex Frye

Phil Phillips

Class of 2019

Ray Leach

Phil Miller

Langdon Reid

Chuck Richie

Buck Robinson

The Trustees

The trustees, under guidance from the Session, keep track of our church lands and buildings.

Harold Reid

Ruth Bailey

David Riel