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Most of the day-to-day operations in our church are done by various committees. The hard work of these dedicated individuals is appreciated by our entire congregation. Each committee is made up of church elders who volunteer their time.


The Maintenance committee Maintenance oversees the upkeep of the church’s building and grounds (inside and outside), organizes and meets with outside contractors for estimates and services provided for the church, including such areas as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, gutters, landscaping, etc.

D. Reid (Chair)

Rex Frye

David Balsley


The Witness committee takes care of the church’s members, visiting the sick or those in the hospital, visiting shut-ins, and keeping track of births and deaths.

Dana Biby (Chair)

Pat Balsley

Christian Education

The Christian Education committee handles all matters regarding Sunday school classes and teachers, and is involved in organizing Vacation Bible School and Rally Day.

Mark Perry (Chair)

Terri Perry

Chuck Richie


The Mission committee helps with finding different mission opportunities. They are in charge of fundrasing for our annual Baja mission trip.

Terri Perry (Chair)

Karen Stevens

Christel Nicklas

Rhonda Richie


The Personnel committee ensures that our church is fully staffed.

Angela Leach (Chair)

Karen Stevens


The Audit committee collects the books of all organizations and groups within the church to review their receipts to help keep all incomes and expenses in financial order.

Langdon Reid (Chair)

David Walton (Chair)

Angela Leach

John Charbeneau


The Worship committee takes care of matters dealing directly with the church service, including finding pulpit substitutes, assigning children messages, and preparation for Communion.

Don Reid (Chair)

Brandon Hatcher

Buck Robinson

Rick McKibbon

Jason Harris


The Finance committee decides the figures and proposes the church’s budget to Session, and works with the Treasurer regarding any finances and receipts.

Philip Balsley (Chair)

Rhonda Richie

Langdon Reid

David Walton

John Charbeneau


The Website committee is responsible for the design and maintenance of our website.

Scott McMurrain

Terri Perry

Langdon Reid

Pat Balsley